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Our customers are our best teachers!
Striving For Excellence!

When it comes to age, humans and organisations show similar signs - a sense of maturity, stablility, better decision-making, a perfect blend of experience and risk-taking ability (a well-prepared, enthusiastic next generation with the maturity of the previous one), a set of reliable friends and an evolved vision! All this makes the future very promising. Of course, organisations have a much longer life-span, and its people and associates can keep it young forever!

In the year 2023, as we complete 50 years, there is an excitement for what ANU team has achieved, and also anticipation for the road ahead. What makes us stand apart is our incredible team, which is the best in the industry – talented, committed, experienced and highly passionate!

Our core philosophy only strengthens, as it was when we started operations in 1973 – “To keep pushing the boundaries to surpass customer expectations”. We feel thankful to our loyal customers across the globe, without their support and cooperation, it would not have been easy for ANU group to be the largest Tungsten Carbide and Steel Tooling manufacturer in India today. Their trust on our capabilities gave us the confidence to stay at the forefront of the latest developments in the industry. And our futuristic vision helped us forge strategic joint ventures at the right times, making us the most prominent supplier from India in Europe!

We promise to continue adding value to your business. Thank you again, for your confidence in us!

Best Wishes
D.B. Maheshwari

ANU Group is India’s Largest Exporter
of Tungsten Carbide and Steel Tools!